Established in 1979, Mountaineer is a family owned company based in Deep Creek Lake, Md.  With only one sales office our company has built over 1800 homes throughout the region.

*Custom Design

We'll design your custom log home from start to finish to get you everything that you desire from your new home.

*Our Logs

Our Mountaineer Logs are 6 x 8 Inch West Virginia Eastern White Pine.  Known for their warmth and beauty, this heartwood is soft and docile, making it perfect for home construction.

*Building your dream

Our design team will visit your building site to determine the best design to fit your property.  With your help we will design the perfect home to fit your needs and budget.

We will coordinate meetings with several approved builders to help you choose the builder that best fits your needs and get you multiple bids on your project.

Once construction begins we will guide you through the process keeping ourselves available throughout the project to assist any customer needs.